Your adventures. Your personality. Your story.
Customize everything from the material colors and textures, to the artwork and personal details. Work with our design team to create a bag that is uniquely you.


Golf is personal. Each day you set new goals and challenge yourself to difficult courses and exciting locales. You know the weight of your favorite irons by touch, and you’ve carefully curated the best golf accessories through first-hand experience. We believe you should be able to personalize your golf bags down to the smallest detail. From your name embroidered on luxurious vegan leather to your favorite color and finish, VESSEL custom golf bags are crafted to tell your story.


Express your style with a personalized palette from our range of 23 color and texture combinations. We create custom golf bags from eight premium vegan-friendly materials available in lush textures such as: pebbled, satin, matte, and more. Once you have finalized your customizations, we work meticulously to equip your custom golf bag for any challenge. Every detail is designed for your success – and when you succeed, you leave your mark.


You are among the PGA and LPGA golfers, dedicated athletes, and sports travelers who depend on VESSEL for luxury and performance. Every chance you get, you break records and elevate the game. Take our vegan leather golf bags to the next level with your choice of cart bags, stand bags, custom golf staff bags, and den caddies. Each bag is thoughtfully engineered for balance and durability, as well as convenience and comfort. *Please note the delivery dates when purchasing a custom golf bag for an event or tournament. We pride ourselves on offering the fastest turnaround time in the industry, without sacrificing a stitch of the quality you’ve come to expect from VESSEL.